How to Integrate your Email Account

Connecting your native email to GRIN gives you the ability to email and manage your program directly from GRIN.



New windows/tabs will pop-up during the email integration process so make sure to adjust your browser security settings to allow for this.

How to Connect your Email to GRIN

Step 1 Click on Account and select Account Settings.

Step 2 Click Email Integration and click the Connect your Emails.


Step 3 Enter your email address and click Sign In.


Step 4 GRIN will attempt to determine your email provider and settings. If successful, you will be redirected to authenticate your provider without entering any information other than your username and password.


If you do not have Google or Exchange, select Other and skip to the How to Manually Connect via IMAP section, otherwise proceed to section How to Connect Automatically.



How to Connect Automatically

If GRIN successfully detects your email provider and your email provider offers discovery options you will be prompted to enter your password and grant GRIN access view, compose and modify but not delete your email. 

This process will differ depending on your email provider's authentication configuration, but in general you:

  • May be prompted to enter your email address again
  • Will be prompted to enter your email password
  • May be prompted to grant a list of specific rights to GRIN


If you have Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) enabled for your email account, you may need to generate an app-specific password to enter for GRIN's integration. This process will differ based on your email service provider.

If this method doesn't work successfully, please proceed to the How to Manually Connect via IMAP section below, or if using Office 365/Exchange try Specifying Exchange Advanced Settings below.

How to Manually Connect via IMAP

Step 1 From the Email Integration settings, click Manually connect IMAP Account.




Step 2 Fill out the IMAP/SMTP authentication details.


You may need to check settings in your desktop email client, speak to your email admin or IT help desk to obtain the values for these settings. Specific instructions to obtain your IMAP settings for Office 365 is available in the section below.



 How to find your manual IMAP settings for Office 365

For Office 365, you can find your IMAP & SMTP information integrated into your email by logging into your Office 365 Account.

Step 1 Click on the gear icon to navigate to your settings.

Step 2 Scroll down and select View all Settings.

Step 3 In the pop-up window that appears, click Sync Email.


Step 4 Scroll down and you will find your IMAP and SMTP settings.


Specifying Exchange Advanced Settings 

If you cannot connect to your Exchange account automatically, you can manually specify the Exchange username and Exchange server.

Step 1 From the Exchange login form, click Advanced Settings.




Step 2 Enter your Exchange Username and Exchange Server hostname


Please contact your email admin or IT helpdesk for the advanced Exchange settings information, if needed.

 How to Disconnect your Email from GRIN

Step 1 Click on Account and select Account Settings.


Step 2 Click Email Integration, click Disable and click Yes, disconnect this inbox.








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