How to add a Campaign to a Landing Page

A landing page is a tool to help recruit potential influencers. Landing pages are intended for inbound use in order to collect information from influencers who would like you to join your influencer program. 

Depending on the goal of your Landing page, you can directly link a campaign to a Landing page, so if accepted, applicants can also be accepted into a campaign quickly without the need of also submitting a campaign proposal.

In order to link a campaign, a campaign must be created first before continuing the following steps.  


Keep in mind the landing page is for inbound purposes only. Influencers who are already within your "Contacts" will not be able to apply through a landing page. After entering their email, they will be directed to a message indicating their email was already found in your account.

In this guide, you will learn: 


How to link a campaign to a Landing Page

Step 1 Click on Recruit and select Landing Pages.

Step 2 Select Create in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3 Proceed through the steps to set up a Landing page

Step 4 Return to Step 2. Page Basics, and scroll down to Campaign (optional). Select a campaign and click Save

Once set, the Landing page will now have all the options required or optional within the campaign proposal, such as product selection, tasks, and terms & conditions. 



How to accept a Landing Page applicant into a Campaign 

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select Applicants.

Step 2 Click on Filters and within the filter Application Page sort by the Application page with the linked campaign. Click Apply Filters.  

Step 3 Review your applicant's recent content by hovering over the Application Status column and clicking View Content


Step 4 After you have reviewed the applicant you can decide to accept or reject the application. Hover over the Application Status column and select either to accept or reject.

Step 5 Once Accept is clicked, add the applicant to the campaign linked to the Landing page under Add Contacts to a Campaign and click Apply

Step 6 Click Program, in the navigation bar, and select Campaigns.

Step 7 Click the Campaign Work Room icon.

Step 8 Under the Proposals tab, review the proposals submitted by your applicants.

Step 9 After review, hover over the applicant, and on the right-hand side, click Accept.




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