How to Deliver IGTV posts and Reels

In order for IGTV posts or Reels to be delivered, these types of content will also need to be shared on your Instagram feed. Unfortunately, Instagram does not currently allow for the direct delivery of IGTV content or Reels. However, two different work arounds to this issue are outlined below. 


When creating your IGTV or Reels content, make sure that you are allowing for those posts to also be shared on your feed. The option to do so will be present when you go through the steps to post your IGTV post or Reel.

 Quick Tip

If you posted your IGTV or Reel content but missed the options below, then there are tools that can be used in order to repost them on your feed. One of these tools is the Repost+ for Instagram app and it can be found here!



If you allow for the option to share your IGTV content and/or Reel on your feed, you can then access the content as a post. To successfully deliver it, simply click on the post for your IGTV or Reel content and copy the URL


Lastly, paste the copied URL for your IGTV/Reel content within the task section of the campaign the post is intended for.


There is another workaround to get a Reel or IGTV post to pull into GRIN without having to re-post it. To do this, you can copy the URL to the IGTV/Reel and paste the copied URL within the task section of the campaign the post is intended for, but change the part of the URL that says "reel" to a "p" (which will allow GRIN to read it as a post). An example of how to do this is below.








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