How to create a custom task in a campaign for manually uploaded content files

This outlines the steps on how to add a custom task in your campaign for manually uploaded content so that the functionality to manually upload content files will be available to influencers on their Live site URL.

Step 1 Follow instructions on how to create a custom task in a campaign here - How to create a Custom Campaign Task in a Campaign

Step 2 After adding the required custom task and adding the descriptions, make sure that
"Allow Influencers to Upload Content" is set to "Yes" so that "Other Uploads" will be available for your influencers to upload files to. 


Instructions on how to manually upload file content via the Live site URL for Influencers can be found here - How to deliver content via General Upload

​​Step 3 Once adding the custom task to your campaign, you can view and download those deliverables by going into your campaign workroom and under the "Content" tab, select "Embed View".

Step 4
Then click on "Filter" to reveal a drop down menu where you can select "Content Type", and ​select "Uploaded Content"


As a friendly reminder, each uploaded file needs to be less than 500mb and adding additional required tasks to a campaign will apply as part of an influencer’s proposal moving forward, however, this cannot be adjusted for proposals that have already submitted and approved.



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