New: Influencer Estimated Cost!

GRIN's estimated influencer cost algorithm provides brands with a starting point for engaging influencers about their costs.  

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Influencer Estimated Cost

Grin is excited to announce the release of our estimated influencer cost feature, which provides brands with an approximation of the potential cost to work with a particular influencer. 

Learn more about this feature here!


Brands want to know how much it costs to work with influencers, and there is seemingly scattered standardization into what influencers may cost across different networks. As the importance of influencer marketing continues to scale, brands plan to allocate more spend to these collaborations. However, with limited insight into the potential cost, it is difficult for brands to gauge how much budget to allocate towards influencer campaigns and partnerships. 

To help our brands better understand influencer costs, Grin developed an algorithm that estimates a given influencer's cost. As brands recruit new influencers, the estimated influencer cost provides a starting point for engagement about a collaboration. However, brands should note that given the multitude of variables that can factor into partnerships, each has the chance to be unique. Thus the range is an approximation and should be viewed as a guide.

The estimated cost is available within Influencer Search across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube networks. Grin users can access the feature by navigating to influencer search and enabling a filter setting to display an additional column in the search table. The cost range is also available on an individual influencer's content card, accessed by enabling the filter and clicking on a particular influencer. 








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