Why am I Receiving an Error When Delivering my TikTok Post?

This support guide will help you to properly deliver your TikTok post if you're receiving an error. This is typically due to the incorrect TikTok URL being used when delivering the post through your dashboard. Also, if you have connected your TikTok for the collaboration, then we will collect your posts automatically for the brand. You may also receive an error message if you are attempting to deliver a post that has already been pulled in.


Select the error message that you are receiving and follow the steps below in order to resolve the error:

Something went wrong, please try again or contact support

Step 1 Login to your TikTok account.

Step 2 Click on the video post that you would like to deliver.

Step 3 Copy the entire URL for your post from your web browser.


Step 4 In your dashboard, paste the copied URL into the TikTok deliverable area.


Thank you! This content has been collected

If you are receiving an error that states "Thank you! This content has been collected.", then no further actions are required. This message indicates that we have already collected your post for the brand. As long as your TikTok is connected for the collaboration, and you are using the instructed mentions and/or hashtags, then we will collect your posts automatically for the brand.




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