What are Partnerships?

You can think of partnerships as being very similar to campaigns but designed from the ground up to make managing one on one, long term promotions as flexible as possible. 

Similar to campaigns, you can assign and track deliverables, manage and ship product, facilitate payments, assign and track discount codes (and affiliate links) as well as keep track of all the activity, including communication, for the lifetime of the partnership. 

There are, however, a few differences between campaigns and partnerships.

How are Partnerships Different from Campaigns?

The most noticeable difference is that where campaigns are designed to support hundreds or even thousands of influencers at once, each partnership you create will be tied to a single influencer. 

Another key difference is that partnerships are always managed against a specific timeline (ex: 6 month contract with deliverables each month). The day to day management of partnerships also differs from campaign management. 

When working in a campaign you can take action at scale at anytime, when working in a partnership you will take action at certain intervals according to the timeline. Let's look at how a partnership is setup.

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