The Social Listening section is located in the "Recruit" tab. This section allows you to see influencers who are posting about your brand. This way you can easily add them as prospects and reach out to them.

Use the search bar to look for specific influencers.

In the actions bar, use the "Listening Source" to find influencers based on certain hashtags or mentions.

Use the "Location" to filter influencers by their location.

The "Networks" button to select specific networks that the influencers use and have mentioned your brand.

Use the "Network Reach" button to filter by an influencer's reach on different networks. You can also filter by followers and subscribers.

Filter for engagement with the "Network Engagement" button. You can filter by the different networks.

Use the "User Attributes" to filter by gender and email.

"Social Listening Settings" allows to configure the settings for each brand in your account.

You can adjust the columns with the "Columns" button.

You can also select multiple influencers and use the blue check button to apply a mass action.

To learn how to setup social listening in your Grin account, read more here: Social Listening: Tracking Content and Influencers

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