This walkthrough will guide you through the process in which an influencer should be sent their unique application link (Live URL) to fill out and submit for your review. An influencer should only be sent their Live URL once they have agreed to collaborate with you. Also, keep in mind that an influencer must be added to the campaign or their unique application link will prompt a "No Current Sponsorships" message.

Once an influencer has been emailed and have expressed interest in working with you go ahead and send them their Live URL. Each influencer has a unique Live URL that can be found within their profile.

You also have the option to compose an email and drag the Live URL variable into you email. This will then pull in the influencers unique link once the email is sent to them.

After an influencer has submitted a proposal you can review it within the "Proposals" tab in you campaign work room. In this tab you can view the proposal date, tasks selected, asking price, product cost, product selected, and this is where you will you'll accept or decline influencer applications.

To learn how to review influencer proposals, click here.

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