This guide will take you through how to set up an Instagram story as an influencer task. This will give you the ability to easily pull in your influencers story content along with their insights. However, an influencer must allow permission to this content by making an OAuth connection, which is simply connecting their IG account.. This connection allows a business or brand to pull in influencer stories, story insights, and audience data. To understand exactly how campaigns with Instagram stories & insight metrics work in GRIN, click here.

Step 1. Begin by going in the "Programs" tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, click on the pencil & paper icon to go into the "Edit Campaign Details"

Step 3. Then, go into the "Influencer Details" step and create a new task.

Step 4. When creating an Instagram task select "Story" as the media type.

Step 5. In the "Require OAuth Connection?" you have the ability to make this required or optional. Selecting "Required" will require the influencers to connect their account which gives us permission to pull in their stories and insights. Making this "Optional"  will give them the option to connect their account or upload their story and a screenshot of their insights.

Step 6. Lastly, you will give your task a name, select if it is a required task, and a description of what is required for this task.

To learn how to sync your Instagram account, click here.

To learn how to download Instagram stories, click here.

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