Delivery Options for Instagram Stories

When participating in Campaigns with Instagram Stories, syncing your account is the easiest way to deliver your content and share the insights with us. If you cannot sync your Instagram account, we offer another option for some campaigns where you can upload your Story media and a screenshot of your Story insights. You can do all of this from your URL and this article explains how to download the media and view the insights.

Downloading Stories and Viewing Insights 

Open Instagram on your phone and find your "Insights" screen. It may be located at the top or in the side menu of your profile screen, but the icon always looks the same.

Once you locate the "Insights" screen, click the "Content" tab and scroll down to your Story content. Click "See all".

Click on the story you want to load and then swipe up from the bottom to reveal the insights and download button. You should see something like this:

From here you can save the story to your camera roll or you can take a screenshot of the insights, depending on what step you are on when delivering your task.

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