This guide will take you through the set up of affiliate links, or discount codes, without payouts. This gives you the ability to accurately track your revenue, within the reporting of your campaign, without paying commissions.

Step 1.
Begin by going into the "Program" tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, click on the paper & pencil icon of the campaign.

Step 3. Once you're in you campaign details go into the "Tracking" step and assign an affiliate link group or a discount code group in the "Revenue Tracking" section. Keep in mind that you cannot have "Commission" selected as a compensation option for these options to be available in the "Tracking" step.

Step 4. Affiliate links will automatically be generated for you influencers. However, discount codes will have to be assigned.

Affiliate Links:

Discount Codes:

Step 5:
To assign codes select the influencers who do not have a code. Once selected, click the "With Selected" button and from the drop-down options select "Assign Discount Codes"

To learn how to setup affiliate links, click here.

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