The filters provided inside of a campaign work room gives you the ability to review your influencers progress in a campaign. It also allows you to track you order fulfillments as well as product shipment status. 

Proposal Filters:
The "Proposals" filter gives you visibility into which influencers in a campaign has submitted an application by giving you the options to filter by either "Has Proposal" or "Has No Proposal". You also have the option to filter by "Proposal Status" to see which influencers have an accepted or declined application.

Fulfillment Status:
The "Fulfillment Status" filter gives you the ability to view you influencers based on whether their product selection order has or has not been fulfilled.

Shipment Filters:
The "Shipment Status" filter gives various options. You have the ability to narrow down your influencers by  "Has No Order," "Order Created," "Order Delivered," or "Delivery Failed." This give you a clear view into where in the shipment process you are in with your influencers. You also have the option to filter by an influencers "Shipment Delivery Date"

Content Status:
Another very useful tool is the "Content Status" filter. Using this filter gives visibility into which influencers have or have not delivered content for a campaign. You can do so by filtering by "Has Content" or "Has No Content" options.

Upload Files:
The last filter that can be applied is the "Upload Files" which allows you to view which influencer have uploaded a piece of content via file upload. 

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