With Grin, Instagram Stories and their corresponding insights are collected the same way photo and video posts are. There are however a few things that make Stories unique, which we will go over in this article.

How Instagram Stories are different from other posts

Stories do not appear in a user's profile grid or in the main Instagram feed, and they cannot be accessed without the user's explicit permission. Whereas most public Instagram content, as well as the metric data, can be accessed by anyone, Stories are a restricted content type.

Influencers can give permission to access their Story data

In order to access another user's story data, two things have to happen. First, the business or brand that wants to access the data must go through a Facebook verification and permissions approval process. Second, the user who own's the story must give their consent by making what's called an OAuth connection. During the connection process, the user grants access to read their stories, story insights and their audience data.

Grin has already gone through the required approval process, which leaves the OAuth connection on the Influencer side the only required step.

What if some of my Influencers do not want to go through the OAuth connection?

We recognize that certain Influencers may not feel comfortable connecting their Instagram account and sharing their data, or may be unaware of what the data will be used for. At Grin, we do our best to explain to the Influencers what data we collect and who we share it with (short answer: we collect a few specific insights from stories and only share those insights with the brand they are collaborating with). 

In order to allow these Influencers to participate in campaigns where Stories are required, we have developed a second approach that allows Influencers to upload their Story media and a screenshot of their Story insights. We also allow brands to control the options available to the Influencer at the campaign level.

Creating a campaign with Instagram Story tasks

The campaign process in Grin changes only slightly when you designate a task as a Story. When selecting Instagram as the network you will see a new selection labeled "Media Type".

You can select either "Story" or "Photo/Video Post". If you select "Story" you will see another section labeled "Require OAuth Connection?"

Here you can choose whether your Influencers must connect their Instagram account, for which Grin will automatically pull in their stories and automatically update with their insights, or you will allow them to manually upload their Story media and the corresponding insights. We highly recommend encouraging your Influencers to connect their accounts, and only making it optional if you have a compelling reason to do so.

Thats about it!

I hope that helps to explain the way stories are different from regular posts and how Grin uses OAuth connections to automatically pull in story insights. Feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions regarding Instagram Stories.

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