The "My Influencers" section of your GRIN account allows you to manage all of your influencers. It can be found in the "Contacts" tab. You can view all the information available about your influencers, import influencers, create influencers, etc.

You can search for different influencers by their name or email.

You can apply a filter to your influencers. These can include tags, relationship statuses, campaign, total reach, etc.

You can also edit the columns that are shown on the main influencer page. You can change the order of the properties shown, the default columns. View and select your custom properties and social networks to be shown.

The "Manage" button allows you to view tags, relationship stages, and custom properties

You can also create an influencer. Enter in their email, name, and social networks.

Import a CSV file of influencers through this page.

To learn more about how to import influencers, click here:

The check button, in the upper right hand corner, allows you to apply one action to multiple influencers. You can add influencers to an email sequence, send alert, assign discount code, add to campaign, etc.

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