The "Influencers" section of your campaign workroom allows you to manage the influencers within a certain campaign. You can remove influencers, see proposals, access networks, etc.

You can search for an influencer within a campaign by their name or email.

You can filter for certain influencers. Use filters like proposals, fulfillment, shipping, campaigns, or files.

Use the check button, in the upper right hand corner, to apply one action to multiple influencers. You can add influencers to an email sequence, send an email, remove from campaign, etc.

You can also view information about each influencer in their rows. You can see their location, total reach, networks, and proposals. On the very right, you can delete an influencers. Right next to the influencer's name, you can choose to "Manage" the influencer (view their profile) or see the influencer's content.

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