The reporting section of your workroom allows you to see your budget, money spent, revenue, and other reporting statistics.

Budget: the amount of money you entered as your budget when creating your campaign.

Spend: this is the total of cash payments and your product costs.

Revenue: this is the amount of money generated by influencers for your campaign. This is mainly tracked through affiliate links and discount codes.

Conversions: the number of conversion attributed to an influencer for that particular campaign.

Revenue ROI: The revenue divided by the amount spent

IMV: Influencer Media Value: an estimate of the media value that was generated from the content. This is based on an industry index which assigns values to engagements on all social networks.

IMV ROI: IMV divided by money spent.

ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions.

CPE: Cost per engagement.

The Export button allows you to export the reporting data.

The dates button allows you to set the dates that you want to report from

This section also tells you the number of influencers in the campaign, the amount of content received, the engagement, and the impressions across all networks.

You can also view the individual influencer breakdown.

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