The "Prospects" section is located in the "Contacts" tab. You can search for specific influencers in your Prospects section by their name or their email. This makes it really easy to find influencers.

You can apply filters in your Prospects section to make it easy to find a certain group of influencers.

Step 1: Click the Filter button in the right hand corner.

Step 2: Select "Add Filter"

Step 3: Select the Filter that you want (Tags, Relationship Stage, etc.)

You can apply one action to multiple influencer with the check button

Step 1: Select your desired influencers

Step 2: Click the check button

Step 3: Select which action you want to apply.

Add prospect to email sequence:
In order to add a prospect to an email sequence, simply select the box next to the prospect(s) name and click the "With Selected". Then, select "Add to Email Sequence".

Finally, select the sequence that you want to add them to.

To create a new prospect
Step 1: Select "Create" in the upper right hand corner.

Step 2: Enter in the influencer's information

Step 3: Select "Create"

Select the "Import" button in order to import a CSV file of prospects.

To learn more click here:

Landing Pages:
In order to view the landing pages you've created for your influencers, select "Landing Pages".

You will be directed to your Landing Page screen.

To learn more about landing pages, click here:

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