Your inbox houses the emails that influencers, that you have selected as My Influencers, send to you. You can easily manage your communication with your influencers via this section of your Mail tab.

To access your mailbox:

Step 1: Go to the Mail tab

Step 2: Select Inbox


You can use different filters to your mail inbox to search for certain contacts in your mailbox. You can use filters  such as tags, campaigns, relationship stages, etc... This makes it easy to find a specific influencer or a group of influencers within your Grin inbox.

Simply, go into your Mail inbox and select the filter button in the upper right hand corner.

Then, select the "Add Filter" and choose the property (Tag, Owner, Campaign, etc.) that you would like to apply.

You can use templates to reply to influencers easily and efficiently. Select a pre-made template to reply to your influencers

Simply, hit the reply button

And select a template that you want.

You can also add your signature to the email.

Influencer Profile
You can view information about an influencer when you click on one of their emails. You can see if their contact information, if they are in any campaigns, if they have a discount code, etc.

Contact Type: You can change the influencer's contact statues (Prospect or Influencer). Promote the influencer to Influencer before sending their Live URL link.

Campaigns: You can see what campaigns the influencer is involved in and add them/remove them from campaigns.

Live URL: You can access an influencer's Live URL and copy it into emails.

Owner: You can view which user in your account is in charge of this influencer. You can also change the influencer owner.

Contact Information: View an influencer's contact information and change it if necessary.

Custom Properties: View any custom properties that the influencers have submitted for you. This is easy to see if what an influencer's size is, gender is, etc.

Affiliate Links: Here, you can see if you have assigned this influencer any affiliate links. You can also add links to an influencers or remove them.

Discount Code: View the discount codes that you have assigned to an influencer or add/remove codes.

Conversions: See how much revenue an influencer has generated through your campaigns.

Payments: View how much money you have paid an influencers.

Relationship Stage: View an influencer's relationship stage (Needs Outreach, In Talks, Influencer). You can also change an influencer's relationship stage.

Tags: You can view any tags you have placed on an influencer. You can also add or remove tags.

Networks: View your influencer's different social media networks and their handles.

View Influencer’s Feed 

While emailing a lot of different influencers, it can be helpful to remind yourself of what content a certain influencer is posting while you are communicating with them. This feature allows you to view their feed when you are in the inbox section of Grin.

Step 1: Go into Mail, then Inbox.

Step 2: Select a conversation with an influencer

Step 3: On the right hand side of the email conversation is the influencer's profile. Click to blue "View Content" button to view their feed.

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