This article will take you through how to set up your campaign so there are restrictions on the type of product selections influencers can make. For instance, if you have sunglasses and watches you can set up a restriction so influencers select one watch and one pair of sunglasses. To learn how to create product types click here.

Step 1.  Begin by going into your "Program" tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, click on the pencil & paper icon to go into the "Edit Campaign Details" of your campaign.

Step 3. Then, go into the compensation section and make sure "Product" is a selected as a compensation option.

Step 4.  Add in any information about products for your influencers.

Step 5. Select whether you want to allow product selection and to show the prices of the products.

Step 6. Choose the max number of products you want your influencers to choose and/or the max product price.

Step 7. Select whether you want to restrict the products by type.

Step 8. After setting up your product restrictions, influencers will only be able to select one of each product. The will first see one "Select Product" option to select their first product.

Step 9. When they select a product they will only see options from one product type. In this example the first product type they are able to select from will be watches.

Step 10. Once an influencer selects their first product option a second "Select Product" section will appear.

Step 11. They will then have the option to select from the second product type. In this example it will be a pair of glasses.

Step 12. Lastly, they will see both options once one of each has been selected.

To learn how to add products as compensation, click here.

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