Campaigns are the most important way for your influencers to receive tasks from you and create content for your brand. Because of this, we have created this guide to make this process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Search
Search for influencers that you would like to promote your brand.

If you are searching for influencers through Instagram on Chrome, you can use our Chrome extension to see influencer stats and add them as prospects.

Step 2:
Once you have found some that will be a good fit, add them as prospects.

Step 3: Outreach
Now, you can begin outreaching to influencers.

Step 4:  Select Prospects
Go into your Prospects folder, and select the prospects that you want to reach out to.

Step 5: Mail
Add these prospects into an email sequence.

Step 6: Promote to My Influencer
When you start receiving replies from influencers, promote the influencers that want to work with you to My Influencers and add them into your campaigns.

Step 7: Live URL
Next, send the influencers in your campaign an email with their Live URL

Step 8: Proposals
You can negotiate proposals in the workroom of your campaign.

Step 9: Content
Once you have accepted the influencers proposal, they will start creating content for you.

Step 10: Viewing Content
You can view the content in the "Content" tab of your workroom or in the new Media Library.

To learn more about campaigns, click here.

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