Now, you can put your products into different collections. This makes it easy to organize your products and add them into different campaigns.

Step 1: Go into Brands

Step 2: Select "Products"

Step 3: Select "Edit Product".

Step 4: In "Product Details" enter in the "Product Collection".

Or you can mass add products into collections

Step 1: In the Products section of Brands, select all the products that you want to add into a collection.

Step 2: Click the blue "With Selected" button.

Step 3: Select "Change Product Collection" and select the collection that you want.

By putting products into collections, you can add multiple products into campaigns without having to add them one by one.

When creating a Campaign, in the Compensation step, there is now a "Product Collection" tab. This allows you to add all the products in that collection.

There is also an "All Products" tab which allows you to add all of the products in a certain brand.

On the Influencer's side, if your campaign allows product selection and there is more than one collection, the influencer will be able to select the collections and expand it into it's products.

To learn more about creating product collections, click here.

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