This guide will take you through the filters that can be used in your "Content" tab. These filters make it easy for you to sort through your content using a variety of options. These options include filters like tags, dates, colors, etc...

Step 1. Begin by going into the "Influencer Content" section of the "Content" tab.

Step 2. You will then find the filters that can be applied in the upper right corner. These filters include folders, sort options, color themes, tags/labels, annotated labels, dates, etc....

Step 3. The first filter that you will see is folders. This allows you to filter your content by specific folders that you have created and added your influencers into. To learn how to create folders, click here.

Step 4. The next filter gives you specific options on how to sort your influencers content.

Step 5. You also have the ability to filter using colors found in your influencers posts.

Step 6. There is also the options to filter by tags/labels that you have added to specific posts. To learn how to tag/label content, click here.

Step 7. The next filter is "Annotated Labels" which gives you key words to filter by based on the content in your influencers posts.

Step 8. Specific dates can been applied as well. This filter will filter by posts delivered within the dates you select.

Step 9. To view a couple more filters, click on the ellipsis. You will have the option to filter by type of content, social media, and what campaign the post is for. 

Step 10. Lastly, you can apply these filters by click on a color, tag, annotated label, etc... within a post.

To learn more about the "Content" tab, click here.

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