Influencers are required to set up a payment method when "Payment" and/or "Commission" is selected within the "Compensation" step of your campaign details. 

Payments are set up by the influencers from within the "Settings" section of their sponsorship page. Within the "Settings" section they will have the option to have a link sent to them via email or login, if they have a password. 

Once the influencer clicks on the link or logs-in they will be redirected to their payment set up page. On this page they will be able to update their address for product shipments, set up their payment method, and complete the required tax forms. This information is required in order for influencer to receive compensation. 

If a payment is attempted to an influencer who has not set up their payment method they will receive an email notifying them to do so. The email will include a link along with a password. The influencers will have a certain number of days to set up their payments. If they are not set up within those days the payment will be marked as "Failed" and you will be refunded the amount back into your funds.

If you would like to learn how to send or record a payment to an influencer, you can do so by clicking here

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