This guide will take you though how to make the option available for your influencers to submit content via a media file. This makes it easy for influencers to upload a screenshot of their Instagram stories that they have created for one of your campaigns. This also gives you easy access to review all of an influencers content in the "Content" and "Progress" tab of your campaigns work room. However, keep in mind that because these are not the actual posts, reporting cannot be pulled in from the content uploaded as a media file.

Step 1. Begin by going into the "Program' tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, go into your campaigns details.

Step 3.  Then, in the "Influencer Details" step you can select whether to allow your influencer to upload content via media files.

Step 4. Once this options is set to "Yes," your influencers will have the option to upload media files if they use their Live URLs to submit content.

To learn more about how to setup campaigns, click here.

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