You now have the ability to allow your influencers to upload files to your campaign. Use this if you have any tasks that need a file uploaded or if you need any important files from your influencer. For example, if you want your influencer to create an Instagram story, they can upload screenshots and analytics for it here.

Step 1: Go into the "Program" section and select "Campaigns".

Step 2:  Edit a current campaign or create a new one.

Step 3:
Select "Step 5: Influencer Details". 

Step 4: Under "Allow Influencers to Upload Files", select "Yes".

The influencer will then be able to upload files via the campaign proposal page. This is also known as the Live URL.

Once they select "Upload Files" they will be allowed to drop in or upload their desired file.

When they upload a file it will appear above the dropzone and can be deleted by clicking on the "x" to the right of the file.

Once they are done uploading the files, they will select "Finish Uploading".

You can view these uploaded files, like Instagram stories, in the progress and content sections of your campaign workroom.

When you click on the file's name in the Progress section, it brings out a preview pop- up of the picture. 

Under the picture, you get the option to view the file, download it, or delete it. Deleting the file doesn't permanently delete it. It moves it into the Removed section of the Content tab.

In the Content section, there is now a "Type" filter which allows you to switch between social content and uploaded files. The files are viewed the same way content is and you get the option to view, download, and delete the file.

To learn about how to setup campaigns, click here.

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