When you select to manage an influencer, it takes you into their individual influencer profile.

Within this, you can view information about them, add a note about them, and see your recent activity with them.

Here is a description of the different pieces of information that you are able to view.

Instagram Audience Report: This feature allows you to request a report of the demographics and statistics of an influencer's audience.

Managers/Agents: This is the person in your account you manages this influencer.

Contact Type: Shows whether the influencer is an Influencer, Prospect, or Application.

Campaigns: See what campaigns of yours that this particular influencer is involved in. With this feature, you can also see the proposal status of the influencer within the campaigns. It will show a status like, "Accepted Proposal" or "Denied Proposal".

Partnerships: See what partnerships this influencer is involved in.

Live URL: This is the unique link that is sent to your influencers that directs them to your landing page.

Relationship Stage: You can use relationship stages to further classify your influencer. You will move the influencers through "Needs Outreach" to "Ambassador". 

Tags: This section shows whether or not you have added a tag to your influencer. A tag can help you organize and keep track of your influencer by what type of content they produce, what their interests are, etc.

Owner: An influencer's owner is the account user who owns that influencer contact.

Discount Codes: You can see whether or not you have assigned a certain influencer a discount code.

Conversions: This shows how much revenue the influencer has earned you from participating in your campaigns.

Payments: This shows how much an influencer has been paid.

Contact Information: See all of your influencer's contact information, like name, address, and phone number.

Custom Properties: This section shows if an influencer has been assigned any custom properties. Custom properties are managed by you and unique to your contacts.

Networks: See all of your influencer's social network links.

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