What is a Monthly Campaign?
A Monthly Campaign is a campaign that occurs regularly every month. Usually, the influencers that are apart of the campaign are ambassadors for the brand. These influencers are consistently creating more content to promote your products or your brand. 

Go into Campaigns and select the plus button in the upper right hand corner to create a new campaign

Step 1: Campaign Basics: Select a Brand to run this campaign for. Then, enter in a campaign title. 

Suggested Campaign Title:
Monthly Campaign with [Brand]

Step 2: Campaign Details: Enter in a campaign overview

Suggested Campaign Overview:

Hey there!

I'm {Name} and I'm with {Brand}.

We love the content you create and think you are a great fit for our brand! {Brand} would like you to participate in our monthly campaigns. We would love for you to create content for us regularly!

Interested? Check out the details below!

Enter in campaign dates if you want the campaign to be scheduled. But, we suggest that for monthly campaigns you choose ongoing and recurring, so that influencers can send multiple proposals.

Step 3: Compensation: Choose how you want your influencer to be compensated. You can compensate with Money, Product, or Money and Product.

Then, select whether you want your influencer to choose their product or not.

Step 4: Tracking: Enter in the hashtags and tags that you want your influencers to use in their posts. This way we can pull their content directly into your Grin account. 

Step 5: Influencer Details: Enter in the tasks that you want your influencer to complete.

Suggested Influencer Tasks:

  • Instagram post (Mandatory): Create an instagram post using our product and giving a brief description of it in the caption while using our tags
  • Instagram Story (Optional): Create a 10 second Instagram video using and promoting our product and encourage them to go to our website
  • Twitter post (Optional): Create a tweet saying something you like about our brand or product while using our tags.

Step 6: Notifications: Select whether you want to send an email notification when an influencer's proposal has been accepted and/or denied

Step 7: Supporting Assets: Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Step 8: Content Rights: First choose whether you want to select rights that we have provided for you or use your own custom rights.

Then select the rights or enter in your rights.

This gives you access to the influencer's content they have created for you.

Step 9: Customization: Here, you can customize the names of the sections in the influencer Live URL application form.

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