What is an Ambassador Program?
An ambassador program is a series of campaigns that occur regularly with the same group of influencers.

These usually tend to be monthly campaigns where you send influencers new products to post about each month.

Benefits of an Ambassador Program.
Ambassador Programs have many benefits, one being that you will consistently have your brand promoted on a regular basis. Your products will be promoted by trusted influencers who you know love your brand. If an influencer's audience is seeing the same brand promoted by their favorite influencer, they are more likely to check out the brand for themselves. 

Tips and Tricks
Here are some tips and tricks to running an ambassador program:

Tip #1: Establish good relationships with a small number of influencers who love your brand and are excited about working with you continuously.

Tip #2: Make sure you choose influencers that are a great fit for your brand and will represent your brand well.

If these influencers will constantly promote your products, you want to make sure that they are really passionate about your brand in order to achieve the most success.

Tip #3: Choose to have a campaign be recurring when setting up your ambassador program.

This allows influencers to submit multiple proposals to the campaign.

Tip #4:
Duplicate Campaigns to reuse the same brief material.

Tip #5: Use our SMS Alerts to notify your ambassador influencers about new information regarding your ambassador program.

To learn how to run monthly campaigns, click here.

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