Step 1: Search

  • Use this tool to explore and narrow down your ideal influencers. 
  • You can use keywords, hashtags, handles, and locations to narrow down your search.
  • For more details on Search, visit our support site here:

Step 2:  Recruit

  • Use this feature to organize your potential influencers. 
  • When you find influencers that you want to reach out to, mark them as prospects. Prospects are influencers that you are not working with yet.
  • For more details on Recruit, visit our support site here:

Step 3: Mail

  • Use mail to begin to recruit your influencers via email. 
  • You can add your prospects to a mail sequence to reach out to them. If they respond, you can communicate with them in Grin, and then, promote them to an influencer. You can also add them to a campaign and send them their live link (a unique url that navigates to the campaign landing page).
  • For more details on Mail, visit our support site here:

Step 4: Campaigns

  • This feature allows you to organize all your campaign information into one space.
  • Create social media campaign briefs to inform your influencers about what type of work/content that you want them to provide for you.
  • For more details on Campaigns, visit our support site here: 

Step 5: Manage Campaign Proposals

  • Use this feature to see influencer campaign proposals. 
  • Once an influencer submits a proposal for a campaign, you can accept or decline the proposal in the campaign workroom.
  • For more details on Campaign Proposals, visit our support site here:

Step 6: Fulfillment

  • Use fulfillment to send influencers their products for your campaign.
  • For the accepted proposal, you can manage the sending of the product to your influencers in the Fulfillment tab of the campaign workroom. You will need to export the influencer data into a CSV to coordinate with your fulfillment team. Once the products are sent you can mark the items as fulfilled.
  • For more information on Fulfillment, visit our support site here: 

Step 7: Check for Content

  • Use the Progress, Content, and Reporting tabs in the campaign workroom to monitor the content that your influencers are posting and if they are completing the tasks for your campaign.
  • For more information on checking for content, visit our support site here:
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