You have the option to track your product inventory in Grin. Within this feature, Grin will keep track of the products you have allocated for the campaign and won't let influencers select products that are out of stock.

Step 1: Go into "Brands".

Step 2: Select "Manage Products".

Step 3: Either add a new product or select an existing product.

Step 4: Select "Step 5: Product Inventory". Then, select "Yes" to track inventory.

Step 5: Then, if you have product variants, select "Yes" if you want to track each variant individually or "No" if you want to set a global quantity for all variants.

Step 6: If you select "Yes", it will enter in the variants for your product. You can enter in an quantity that is available to influencers

Once the selected quantity has run out, it will no longer be visible for influencers to choose.

If you want to turn on inventory tracking for multiple products, select the products that you want to track. Then, click "With Selected". Choose "Enable Inventory Tracking" to track inventory or "Disable Inventory Tracking" to turn off inventory tracking.

To learn about Shopify tracking, click here.

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