This integration can be used when you have a proposal that needs to be filled and you have products in your account that are from your connected e-commerce provider. This is a full circle integration system; just create the order and we will take care of the rest. We can track the fulfillment, package travel, and delivery.

Step 1: Go into the Fulfillment section of your desired campaign.

Step 2: Select the influencers that you want to create a Shopify order for. 

Step 3: Click the blue check button

Step 4: Either choose "Create Shopify Draft Order" or "Create Shopify Order".

A draft order is one that needs to be approved.

When you select "Create Shopify Draft Order", the order shows up in your Shopify account under Order Drafts.

You can modify the order if you need to and then accept it to change it to a regular order.

A regular Shopify Order is one that is marked as paid (100% discounted).

When you select "Create Shopify Order", it creates the order in your Shopify account.

In Grin, you can click "View Order" to view the order in your Shopify account. 

Once you select to fulfill the order in Shopify, it will be picked up, processed, and fulfilled with your fulfillment service.

Whatever fulfillment system you use will work as long as it works within your Shopify account.

Now, the order is shows as fulfilled in your Grin account.

You can view the fulfillment activity for an influencer in their profile under "Recent Activity".

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