This guide will walk you through how to send emails to influencers though Grin. Sending emails through the platform will allow you to see statistics like opens, click, and replies. This will help you to review whether the influencers are opening the emails that are sent to them. With Grin, you also have the ability to send multiple emails at once. This eliminates the time it would take to email multiple influencers individually. 

Step 1. Begin by going into either the "Prospects" or "My Influencers" tab.

Step 2. Next, select the influencers that you would like to contact via email.

Step 3. Then, click on the blue check button located in the upper right-hand corner and select "Send Emails" from the drop-down menu,

Step 4. You will then be able to compose an email using dynamic variable or you can select a template from the options provided.

Composing an email using variables:

Selecting a template:

Step 5. Once your email is composed click on "Preview" to review your emails before they are sent out.


Step 6. Once you have reviewed your preview's click the blue "Send" button.

Step 7. Emails can also be sent to individual influencers through their profile.

Step 8. Lastly, you can review if an influencer has opened your emails within the influencers profile, in the "Recent Activity" section.

To learn more about adding influencers to email sequences, click here.

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