This article will explain why your influencers are receiving a "No Current Sponsorships" when trying to submit a proposals and how to resolve this issue.

The most common reason why an influencer is receiving the "No Current Sponsorships" message is because they have not been added to a campaign. If you send your influencer their Live URLs without pushing them into a campaign they will see the message above. 

There are a couple of ways that you can add an influencer to a campaign. The first is by going into the influencers profile and adding them through the "Campaigns" sections.

You can also add influencers to a campaign by selecting the influencer or influencers from within your "My Influencers" in the "Contacts" tab. After selecting your influencers click on the blue checkmark and select "Add to Campaign" from the drop-down menu.

First, Select your influencers:

Then, add them to a campaign:

However, we suggest not to add an influencer to a campaign until you and the influencer have both agreed to work together. We suggest sending an initial email letting the influencer(s) know you like their content, that you would love to work together, and a little about the collaboration/campaign. Once they agree, push them to the campaign and then send the influencer(s) their Live URL(s) to submit an application.

Please contact customer support if it appears that this is not the issues that is preventing your influencers from submitting an application. You can reach customer support via email ( or live chat.

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