This guide will take you through the process of how to add influencers into a campaign. Adding influencer into a campaign gives you the ability to collect their content, track their rates, get reporting for their posts, etc... Campaigns are a way that allows you to keep this information organize in one place. They eliminate the inconvenience of tracking this data on excel sheets. Keep in mind that an influencer should only be pushed into a campaign once they have agreed to join the campaign. If you'd like information on how to set up a campaign click here.

Step 1. Begin by going into the "Contacts" tab and selecting "My Influencers".

Step 2. Next, select the influencers you will be adding to a campaign.

Step 3. Click on the blue check button and select "Add to Campaigns" from the drop down menu.

Step 4. Then, select the campaign you would like to add the influencers to and save. 

Step 5. You can also add influencers to a campaign individually through their profile or within your inbox under the "Mail" tab.

Within Profile:

Within Inbox:

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