Influencer alerts are used when you need to notify a high volume of influencers (500+) about something. These new alerts can be sent by email or text messages. They get around the limits of using your personal email and give influencers preference over how they want to be notified. 

Step 1: Go into Settings by clicking on your profile name in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Account Settings".

Step 2: Go into Influencer Alerts.

Step 3: Setup Email Alerts- Enter a Sending Domain.
          For example:
Click "Add Domain".

Step 4: Add DNS Records

Doing this makes sure that the messages come from your brand and not Grin.
DNS records are added from your domain provider's control panel.

DNS management links to the common domain providers:

Once the DNS records have been added it usually only takes a couple of minutes, but it could take up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Click "Check DNS Records"
          If one appears invalid, wait a minute, and check again.

Step 6: Set a Sending Email Address
          Enter a Name (Your Brand)
          Enter and email address (influencers, alerts)

Step 7: Setting up Text Alerts- Reserve a phone number to send alerts from.

To send these alerts:

Step 1: Go into "My Influencers"

Step 2: Select the Influencers that you want to send an alert to.

Step 3: Click the blue check mark in the right hand corner. Select "Send Alert"

Step 4: Compose the alert.
          We don't have templates for alerts, like we do for emails, because they are designed to be short and quick.
         However, you can still use different dynamic variables.

You can also see how the influencer is going to be notified (text or email).

The influencer can change how they would like to be notified by going into their own notification settings.

You can also send an alert to an individual influencer through their influencer profile.

Grin also monitors the alert activity in "Recent Activity".

To learn more about campaign notifications, click here.

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