This guide will take you through how to assign discount codes to your influencers. Assigning discount codes for your influencers to share will allow you to get accurate revenue reporting for your campaigns. However, you must first integrate your Shopify Store to Grin and also set up a discount code group in order to assign codes.

Step 1.
Begin by clicking on the "Program" tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, click "Edit" on your campaign

Step 3. Then, in "Tracking" select your discount code group in the "Revenue Tracking" section.

Step 4. Go back into "Campaigns" and click on "Work Room" of your campaign.

Step 5. Once in the work room, click on the "Discounts" section to assign discount codes to your influencers.

Step 6. You can then click on the assign codes icon to assign codes individually or select your influencers and clicking the "Assign Codes" button to add in mass.

Assign Code Icon:

Mass Selecting and Assigning Codes:

Step 7. After assigning codes you will be able to review each influencer's code by filtering to "Has Code" and looking in the "code" column.

Step 8. Lastly, you can change or manage the codes by clicking on the "Change code" icon located in the actions column or by going to the "Discounts" section within the influencers profile.

Change code Icon:

Within a profile:

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