Setting up discount code groups will allow you to generate and assign codes to a group of influencers in a campaign. This will also help you in tracking revenue in your reporting. To be able to create discounts codes you must first connect you Shopify store to Grin. To learn how to link your Shopify store to Grin, click here.

Step 1. Begin by going into the "Brands" tab.

Step 2. Next, select "Manage Discounts" for your brand.

Step 3. Next, create a discount code group by clicking on either the "+" icon in the upper right-hand corner or the blue "New Group" button.

Step 4.  In the "Group Options" add a group name, select if you want to generate codes or already have codes created, and create a code pattern.

Step 5. In "Discount Options" choose a discount type (Percent, Fixed Amount, Free Shipping) and a discount value, if applicable.

Step 6. Then, in "Applies" choose what the code applies to (Entire Order, Specific Collections, or Specific Products)

Step 7. In the following step, "Discount Requirements," you can choose to set minimum requirements for your codes (Minimum Purchase Amount or Minimum Quantity of Items).

Step 8. In the 'Discount Usage Limits" step you can set the usage limits of your codes such as total number of times the discount can be used, the number of times each customer can use a code, and also the start & end date that the codes can be applied.

Step 9. In the last step, "Affiliate Settings," set you default commission payout rate. This is the payout that an influencer will receive if they aren't not given a specific commission rate. 

Step 10. Lastly, click on the green floppy disc icon in the upper right-hand corner to save.

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