There are a few reasons why your influencers content may not be pulled in. First, make sure that the "Auto Content" is switched on. You will find the switch in the upper right-hand corner within your campaign's work room.

When you know that your influencers are delivering content, make sure to click the "Fetch New Content" icon to initiate our system to search for content that is using your specific hashtags and mentions.

Another reason why content may not be pulled is because the influencer has not been pushed into the campaign. Campaign content can only be fetched when the influencers have been added to the campaign. You can manage this through the influencers profile. Keep in mind that they must be promoted to "My Influencers" before being added to a campaign..

Hashtags & mentions must also be included in your campaign within the "Tracking" section to allow our system to fetch the content. Including hashtags & mentions allows our system to know which #tags & @tags to search for when pulling in posts.

It's also important to instruct the influencers to use those hashtags & mentions. You can do this within the task in the "Influencer Requirements" section. However, if an influencer does use them as instructed but are not identical (capitals, misspellings, etc...) the content will not be fetched.

Lastly, another reason why it may appear that you have content missing could be to the dates that are set up within you campaign detail and work room. Make sure that if you have deliver date set, within your campaign details, that they are set correctly. Any content posted outside of these dates will not appear in your work room.

Also, make sure that that the dates inside your work room are set correctly. In the upper right corner you will find a calendar icon which allows you to set dates that affect what content will show in your "Content" tab of your work room.

To learn more about content, click here.

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