"Campaigns" is the section of Grin where you will manage your entire campaign process. This section can be found in the "Program" tab of your GRIN account. Each campaign has a work room which provides you with a set of features that allow you to track the progress of your campaigns. In a work room you will find sections for influencers, proposals, fulfillment, progress, content, and reporting.

In the "Influencers" section you will find the influencers that have been pushed into that particular campaign. You are also able to review which ones have received a proposal or need one. 

If you have created a Discount Code Group  or setup affiliate ink you will see a Discount or Links tab in your work room. In the tab you will be able to review each influencers link/code and payout rate. You also have the option to make changes to the influencer payout rates within this section of the work room.

Within the "Proposals" section you will accept or decline influencer's proposals . It is where you will monitor your budget and the asking prices from influencers for their posts. 

In "Progress" you can monitor an influencers product & price and their task progress. These tools will make it easy for you to see if your influencers have delivered their content and if they have been compensated. You also have the option of delivering their content for them, if needed. 

"Fulfillment" is where product shipment to an influencers will be tracked. In this section you will be able to review the influencer's address, what products will be shipped, and the status (fulfilled or needs fulfillment).

The "Content" tab allows you to see all of the post your influencers have created for you.

The last section of a campaigns work room is "Reporting". You can review your campaigns data to see the returns in real time. Within "Reporting" you are able to look over the key performance indicators, campaign performance, content breakdown, and influencer breakdowns. Grin provides you with all the necessary tools to manage your entire campaign process. You can learn how to set up a campaign by clicking here.

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