If you have worked with influencers in the past you are able to import all their information using a CSV. All the properties on the CSV will be carried over into Grin. Properties are the labels that are used within the CSV such as first name, last name, handles, etc.. The properties set within our platform include first name, last name, email, gender, language, phone number, company, street address, city, state, zip, country, Instagram URL, YouTube URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Pinterest URL, Twitch URL, and website URL. Other properties can also be created to track other influencer information that is required from your end. The ability to import your influencers allows you to keep all the information obtained from influencers you have worked with before organized in one system.  To learn how organize your CSV for an import click here.

Step 1. First, go into “Contacts” and select "My Influencers" (Red Square).

Step 2. Then, click on the import influencers icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

Step 3. On the following page you will upload your CSV (Red Underline): 

             a. We also provide you with a sample file with the supported headers: 

             b. Here is what the sample CSV looks like: 

Step 4. In the "Import Details” section (Red Square), select a contact stage, tag, campaign, whether to upload those who don’t have an email, and whether to update information for emails already matching an influencer in the CRM.

Step 5. In “Map Columns" (Black Square) select the properties from the CSV you would like mapped out (Red Square): 

Step 6. Then, match your CSV properties with the contact properties: 

 *NOTE: Remember, properties aside from those already set within Grin will have to be created. To learn how to create custom properties click here.

Step 7. Lastly, in “Confirm & Process,” click  the blue “Start Import” button.


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