Adding influencers to a sequence allows you to send out a planned set of emails to them. When outreaching to influencers, adding them into a sequence eliminates the time it would take to follow up with each one. Influencers added to a sequence will continue to receive emails until they take a specific action or the chain ends. To learn about how to create a sequence click here.

Step 1.  
First, go into the "Prospects" sub-tab. 

Step 2. Next, select the influencers that you would like to add into a sequences. 

Step 3. Then, click on the blue checkmark in the upper right-hand corner and select "Add to Sequence". 

Step 4. You will then want to select a sequence from your options and click  the blue "Preview Emails" button. 

Step 5. Lastly, review your email(s) and click the blue "Start Sequence" button.

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