Products can be added into your brand page by adding them manually or importing them from your ecommerce store. Adding products allows for easy product selection from your influencers when they submit a proposal. Any products that are added to your brand can be made available in a campaign for an influencer to select from as compensation. This eliminates the hassle of having to email one another to find which product and options an influencer would like. Keep in mind that to import your products you will need to connect your ecommerce store to Grin. You can learn how to do so by clicking here.

Step 1. First, go into the “Brands” tab.

Step 2. Then, click on basket icon for the brand you’d like to add a product to. 


Step 3. Next, click on the "New Product" button to manually add a product.

Step 4. When adding a product manually you will first add a product name, description, Image, and select if there are options (E.g. Size, Color, etc).
             a. If you selected "Yes" to allow product options it will unlock “Product                                Options” &  “Inventory Management”

Step 5. In "Price & Shipping" (Red Square) enter the product cost (internal), product MSRP (external), and shipping requirement/cost. 

Step 6.  In "Product Options" (Red Square) you will add in your options (Black Circle). 

Step 7. In "Add Options" you will add an option name (E.g. Flavor) and add values (E.g. Chocolate, Vanilla, etc...). 

Step 8. Then, in "Product Variants" (Red Square), you will create all possible options for your product (Black Circle). 

Step 9. Once the product variants are created enter your product SKUs (Red Square) and save your variants (Black Square). 

Step 10. Lastly, you will be able to select whether to track your inventory.


 Step 1. Begin by following the first 2 steps above.

Step 2. Then, click on the "Import" button to import products from you ecommerce store. Keep in mind that to import products you will need to connect your Shopify store to your account. 

Step 3. Next, in the import window that appears select the products that you would like to add. Your products will be added with all the information include (Product Details, Price, Options, etc...).

Step 4. Lastly, keep in mind that there are changes that will cause the product to break its link to your ecommerce store. You will see the following message when trying to make changes to an imported product.

Check out this video for more help!

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