Setting up a campaign allows you to monitor your influencer's proposals, shipping fulfillment, progress, content, reporting, etc... This eliminates the inconvenience of keeping track of this information on an excel sheet. Campaigns are set up to keep all this data organized in one place. If you would like more information about campaigns, click here

Step 1. Begin by going into the “Program” tab and selecting "Campaigns".

Step 2. Next, click on the "Create" button that is located in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3. On the following page, in “Campaign Basics,” select the brand, enter a campaign title, set a budget, and upload a campaign image. 

Step 4. Then, in the “Campaign Details” give a brief overview, select a campaign type (scheduled or ongoing), and if it is a "Recurring" or "Non Recurring." If you select "Scheduled" you will have the ability to select deadlines for accepting proposals and content from influencers.

Step 5.  In “Compensation” you will set up a payment method (Payment, Product, Commission, or a combination of these). 

Step 6. In "Tracking" you will set up the #tags & @tags that you want our system to search for when pulling in your influencers content with the "Auto Content" feature. 

              a. If you select "Payment" or "Commission", set up a brief description and
                  select if it will be an "Online Payment" or "Other."

              b. If "Commission" is selected as one of your options you will need to set up a
                  description and if you will be assigning discount codes or affiliate links. You
                  will also need to assign an affiliate or discount code group to the campaign.

If you select “Product” give brief product info, select wether to allow
                 product selection, show product price, max number of product.price
                 influencer can select, and restrict selection types (Watches, glasses, etc...).

              d. You will then also select the products made available for selection to                              your influencers.

                 e. Once products are selected click “Done Adding Products” and you will                           be given the option to allow the influencers to choose their options (size,                       color, flavor, etc...).

Step 6. Then, in “Influencer Details,” you will add task(s), social network(s), select whether to allow influencer to upload media files, and additional form fields for information you require from your influencers. 

Step 7. Lastly, in “Supporting Assets,” you can provide any documents, briefs, etc... that  the influencers may find helpful as references when creating their content. 

Check out this video for more help!

To learn more about campaigns, click here.

To learn more about how to run campaigns, click here.

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