With Grin your are able to create sequences, which are chains of emails that are sent out to influencers. They allow you to choose when to send out a series of emails. Influencers added to a sequence will continue to receive emails until they take a specific action or the chain ends. 

Step 1.  To create a sequence go to “Mail” and select  “Sequences” from the drop-down menu.  

Step 2. On the next page click on the “Create” button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3. Next, add a name to your sequence. 

Step 4. Then, compose your emails (manually or using our templates) and add follow-ups emails as well.

Step 5. When adding follow-ups you can select when they’re sent out and when to stop sending. 

Step 6. Lastly, once you save your sequences you will be able to review them in  the "Sequence" section under "Mail."

Check out this video for more help!

To learn how to stop an email sequence, click here.

To learn how to add influencers into an email sequence, click here.

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