Grin provides you with a database that allows you to search for your ideal social media influencers. We are fully stocked with over 560,000 influencers, and counting, that you can search through using keywords, hashtags, usernames, and filters. This guide will take you through how to find the right influencers using the search feature within Grin.

1. With the search bar you are able to search for influencers by keywords, usernames, or hashtags.

Keyword: Fitness

Username: alliegabb

Hashtag: #Fitness

2. To the right of the search bar you will find filters (E.g. Location, Attributes, Networks, Reach, Engagement). 

3. To the right of the filters you will find “Sort By” which allows you to sort by total reach or relevance: 

4. You can also add or remove influencers interests by clicking on “+” or “-” to find influencers that are the most relevant to you (Red Underline): 

Also, if you are searching for Influencers through Instagram on Chrome, you can use our Chrome extension to see influencer stats or add them as a prospect.

To learn more about "Search", click here.

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