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What campaign goals do Branded Content Campaigns help my brand to accomplish?
Branded Content Campaigns are great if your campaign goal is to sell more of a specific product or service. Have your influencers link the product or service in the description of their video or photo or in their profile bio.

Another goal that can be accomplished is to get more reusable, authentic content.  Influencers know what their audience likes and will create content that is tailored to that audience, ensuring your target audience will love it as well.

By using a Branded Content Campaign you can show your target market a new product or expand your brand into a new market. Having your influencers show your product or service in use will give your target market a good idea of what it looks like in action.

Branded Content Campaigns are an excellent option if your brand's campaign goal is to grow your relationships with your influencers. This campaign type will make your influencers feel trusted by your brand, as you are giving them the opportunity to create for your brand.

What are some benefits of Branded Content Campaigns?

  • Showing the product or service being used shows your target audience not only how it looks but how it works as well. This allows potential buyers to get a better idea of what they can expect.
  • Giving your influencers creative control over their content allows them to create content that flows with their social media pages' stream of content, giving the content a high level of authenticity. This will help your message resonate better with your target market.
  • Using Branded Content Campaigns gets you lots of new content to use. This content has already been tested by a sample of your target market so you already know how they will respond.

Tips for Branded Content Campaigns: 

  • Set parameters and then give your influencers creative control over their content. Influencers love having the opportunity to showcase their creative abilities. Additionally, giving your influencers creative control to create authentic content will build trust with their audience.¬†
  • Be clear with your influencers about your requirements for your content. This will ensure that the content they produce is congruent with your brand's image. Let them know any hashtags you'd like them to include in their post, any links you require them to include (for example to the item they're promoting), whether you'd like them to tag your brand's social media page, etc.
  • Make sure that the influencer's content is in line with your brand. Your content will blend seamlessly with their page while still conveying your brand's message.

Suggested Campaigns to run with Branded Content Campaigns:

  • Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns: Gift your community of influencers a product and they can create content surrounding their unboxing of it and first impressions.
  • Giveaway Campaigns: Have your influencers announce a giveaway of your product to their audience featured in your Branded Content Campaign.
  • Competition Campaigns: Have your community of influencers run or partake in a competition where the prize is a product or service of your brand.
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