What is a Sponsored Blog Post Campaign?
The influencer writes a post for their own blog describing the event, product, or service that they are promoting. They give an honest review of using the product/service or share their experience at the event. This is a great way to drive lasting outcome as blog posts drive traffic perpetually. A blog post is an excellent option for getting your brand out there and getting genuine feedback on your event, product, or service.

**The following is designed to follow the order of Grin's campaign creation process**

Step 1. Campaign Basics

Choose your brand from the dropdown menu.

Suggested Campaign Title:
Write about {Brand} Campaign

Campaign Overview Template:
Hey there!

I'm {Name} and I'm with {Brand}.

I checked out your blog and like what you have to say! {Brand} would like you to {attend our event/use our product/service}, on us, and afterwards create a post on your blog sharing your thoughts and feelings about {event/product/service}.

Interested? Check out the details below!

Enter your audience information (gender, age, and location).

Choose a date range for when you're accepting proposals and a date range for when you'd like your influencers to post their content.

Step 3. Budget & Compensation

Enter your budget information. Need help setting a campaign budget? Click here.

Step 4. Influencer Tasks

Suggested Task Templates:

  • Blog Post (Mandatory): Write a blog post with a minimum of {#} words giving your honest review of {event/product/service}.
  • Facebook Post (Optional): Share a link to your blog post on Facebook. Tag {Brand} in your Facebook post.
  • Twitter Post (Optional): Tweet a link to your blog post and tag {Brand}.

Step 5. Supporting Assets

Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Need more information on Sponsored Blog Posts? Click here.

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