What is a Community Building Campaign?
A community building campaign is a campaign that is designed to build a large network of micro-influencers with followings in your target market. Create a unique hashtag for your community to use whenever they post content for your campaign. Community building campaigns are designed to be long term and create long term relationships with influencers. Over time, your community will build and you will have literally thousands of pieces of content available to you from your influencers through your unique hashtag. Community campaigns are great for creating a network of influencers with whom you have a solid, long term relationship and therefore create a steady stream of imaginative content.

**The following is designed to follow the order of Grin's campaign creation process**

Step 1. Campaign Basics

Choose your brand from the dropdown menu.

Suggested Campaign Title:
Join the {Brand} Community

Upload your campaign image. If you do not already have a preselected campaign image, you can find one for free here.

Step 2. Campaign Details

Select a campaign goal: awareness or engagement.

Campaign Overview Template:
Hey there!

My name is {Your Name} and I'm with {Brand}.

{Brand} is looking for the best influencers to join our new {Brand} community! We've taken a look at your social accounts and we like what we see. We want to develop a long term relationship with you and have you regularly post about {Brand}.

Take a look at the tasks below for details!

Enter your audience information (gender, age, and location).

Choose a date range for when you're accepting proposals and a date range for when you'd like your influencers to post their content.

Step 3. Budget & Compensation

Enter your budget information. Need help setting a campaign budget? Click here.

Step 4. Influencer Tasks

Suggested Task Templates:

  • Instagram Photo Post (Mandatory): Post a photo on Instagram featuring your favorite product from {Brand}. Briefly tell why you love it, use #{Unique community hashtag}, and tag {Brand}.
  • Weekly Instagram Post featuring a product from {Brand}, tagging {Brand} and using #{Unique community hashtag}. Post at least once a week for {#} weeks. 
  • Tweet (Optional): Tweet about your favorite things from {Brand}, tag {Brand}, and use #{Unique community hashtag}. Post weekly for {#} weeks.
  • Blog Post (Optional): Write a blog post about what you love about {Brand}. Include your favorite items with links to those items.

Step 5. Supporting Assets

Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Need more information on Community Building Campaigns? Click here.

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