What is an Event Activation Campaign?
Harnessing influencers to activate your events is a powerful way to drive incremental outcome before, during, and after the event. This activity type calls for influencers to attend your event and document their experience. This is a great way to bring more people to your events and create a buzz.

**The following is designed to follow the order of Grin's campaign creation process**

Step 1. Campaign Basics

Choose your brand from the dropdown menu.

Suggested Campaign Title:
Attend {Event} Campaign

Upload your campaign image. If you do not already have a preselected campaign image, you can find one for free here.

Step 2. Campaign Details

Select a campaign goal: awareness or engagement.

Campaign Overview Template:
Hi there!

{Brand} is looking for influencers like you to attend {Event}- all expenses paid! {Transportation/food/drinks/whatever} will be provided- you just have to show up and have a good time!

Check out the details below.

Enter your audience information (gender, age, and location).

Choose a date range for when you're accepting proposals and a date range for when you'd like your influencers to post their content.

Step 3. Budget & Compensation

Enter your budget information. Need help setting a campaign budget? Click here.

Step 4. Influencer Tasks

Suggested Task Templates:

  • Instagram Photo Announcing Attendance (Mandatory): Post a photo of the event details and announce your attendance. Tag {Brand}. Use #{Event}.
  • Twitter Post Announcing Attendance (Optional): Tweet that you are attending {Event} and tag {Brand}. Include details about how to attend {Event} or a link to {Event}'s webpage. Use #{Event}.
  • Facebook Post Announcing Attendance (Optional): Post the event details and announce your attendance. Tag {Brand}. Use #{Brand}.
  • Tweet at Event (Optional): Post on Twitter when you are at {Event}, tag {Brand}, and use #{Event} in your post. 
  • Facebook Live Video (Optional): Go live on Facebook during the event. Tag {Brand} and use #{Event} in your post. Go live for at least {#} minutes.
  • Instagram {Photos/Videos} (Mandatory): Take {#} {photos/videos} at the event and post on Instagram. {Enter parameters for these photos/videos here}. Tag {Brand} and use #{Event}.

Step 5. Supporting Assets

Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Need more information on Event Activation Campaigns? Click here.

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